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doing clayart while at nceca

updated mon 18 mar 02


vince pitelka on sat 16 mar 02

A number of people have posted me asking how I have managed to keep up with
Clayart while at NCECA. I really didn't. I downloaded the messages each
night and read some of them, but only responded to one or two. Tonight I
have made up for it. I am now at my wife's apartment in St. Louis
decompressing after NCECA. Tomorrow I head back to Tennessee, and the next
day on to South Carolina to set up my exhibition at Francis Marion
University. For anyone located in that area, the opening is on Tuesday
March 19 at 7:00 in the Hyman Fine Arts Center gallery at the university in
Florence, SC.

I do a lot of traveling, and I always bring my laptop. I keep up with
Clayart unless I am out in the wilderness without internet access. I
suppose it is easy to assume that I am always at home in Tennessee when I
post, but that is often not the case. Perhaps I should add a tag line
saying where I am. It never seems relevant, but it might be interesting to
some people.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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