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clayart meet in australia (was nceca stay-at-homes)

updated tue 19 mar 02


Katheleen Nez on mon 18 mar 02

Dear Iandol: I did my bit at NCECA - I bought some
Aussies drinks because I felt sorry for them when they
told me their US$$ only went 1/2 as far as mine
hehehe...actually, all the Aussies I met were cool,
esp. that Anita McIntyre from the Autralian National
University in Canberra. And, of course, the incredibly
energetic Janet Mansfield (the woman is like the
Duracell bunny - she keeps going, and going, and
going) And Mitsu Shoji from the College of Arts in
Sydney (been in AU for 20 yrs) So, yes, let's all
convene in Australia...I hope you'll stand me a
drink...nezbah who knew there were hills in KC?...

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Michele Williams on mon 18 mar 02

>who knew there were hills in KC?...

Born there, I knew! I have lived in Miami for 25 years now; the highest
piece of road here is an expressway overpass, and I STILL miss those hills!

Michele Williams

chris clarke on mon 18 mar 02

>who knew there were hills in KC?...

Kansas has lots more hills then you think. That's why all the girls =
that attend KU have big calves. All those damned hills to walk up on =
campus. K-State was a little easier on the legs.

Now western Kansas, that's flat.

born in jersey, grew up in kansas, finished college in ohio, started a =
business in colorado, screwing around in california.

temecula, california