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nceca, returning to clayart, and hi again

updated tue 19 mar 02


Jeff Tsai on mon 18 mar 02

Hi everyone,

Sorta been off the whole list thing for a while, haven't really been paying
much attention to ceramics in general until last week. I didn't even make it
to the Clayart room (or know where it was) during NCECA. I spent a little too
much time at the Hyatt bar, and when that closed, at the Velvet ROom and
Empire. oops.

I did have the pleasure of meeting Ron and Russel Fouts! But missed everyone
else. But then, I've been pretty gone for a bit cause I'm trying to apply for
a credential program and have been spending all my time working on the
packet. But, as of next week, that's over and I'll be around again. So I'm
sending a re-hello, and a warning I suppose, I'm back in my
first personal wheel just today....just finding out it's little quirks (likes
to suddenly skip real fast every now and then).

talk to you all again soon.