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return from paris

updated tue 19 mar 02


Barb Lund on mon 18 mar 02

Hi folks, just a small report on pots in Paris. I did make it to the =
Sevre Porcelain Museum- wonderful "factory" work on the top floor, but =
the lower level where the ancient, vernacular, and really handmade pots =
were was closed. Photos are allowed. I was really disappointed. Sevre =
is at the end of the metro line plus a hike across the river and I had =
been hoping for more. I went on a Wednesday so I don't know if that was =
just their day for having the lower level closed or what.

The Louvre has LOTS of ancient pots and you can take photos to your =
hearts content- even with flash. Plan several days there!

I did go to the local museum in St. Denis, set in an old convent and =
they did have a room full of ancient pots from the site and area as well =
as lots of other wonderful stuff. It is a few blocks from the wonderful =
gothic cathedral that is not to be missed! Sometimes the neighborhood =
museums have some real treasures. The local museum in Como, Italy is =
such a place.

There were a few pieces at the underground crypt in front of Notre Dame =
cathedral where they have unearthed the remains of the early Parisiens =
from about 2000 years ago.

It is thanks to the archives here that i found about most of these =
places. Clayart is such a wonderful resource!

I hope everybody had a wonderful time in Kansas City. Wish I could have =
been 2 places at once.

Barb from Bloomington
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