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updated tue 19 mar 02


Earl Brunner on mon 18 mar 02

I have a picture of a potter friend of mine (was in Kansas City with him for NCECA) in a historic museum, INSIDE the life-size diorama turning a pot over to look at the bottom........

artimater wrote:

> Michele Wrote:
> Rush,
> I've just visited your site and am inspired. Nobody has any business
> telling you there's no talent in your fingers to make tea bowls. Whoever
> says that may not have the talent to make ....(4 letter word of your
> choice). Yours are beautiful, and even in virtual reality they make me want
> to touch them. That's my problem. My mother has been telling me "Don't
> touch that" all my life. I'm 53 and I still hear that command whenever I'm
> near something that begs for touch. Yours are screaming to be held.
> ME:
> Thank you thank you thank you...I touch everythingHEHEHE

Earl Brunner