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the # of babies @ nceca

updated thu 21 mar 02


Chris and Nissa on mon 18 mar 02

Early posts before NCECA had me all riled up when people were telling moms
to leave their infants at home. While I agree that children should be left
behind..infants and toddlers are should be more than welcomed. Of course
common sense goes a long way to keeping distractions down. And, yes, there
were more adults being a nuisance than I can ever see infants being. I have
two infants and another on the way. Anyone who thinks I'm going to wait
until they are of an age they can be left with a sitter before participating
at NCECA can just give me more dirty looks. I have another on the way and
at this rate will have infants for the next few years the way they are
piling up. While not all functions and lectures may be the thing to bring
them to it all will depend on the child in question. If yours screams
constantly, well, leave 'em behind. If they nap like mine..and luckily have
no crying lungs (yes, I'm spoiled!) take em. Use common sense, be courteuos,
and breast feed in public. We're potter's for crimminy sakes.

And I'm the daddy...

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Dear Kelly: You wouldn't believe the no. of babies at
NCECA this year (compared to Denver or Charlotte). And
not at all intrusive...

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Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc. on wed 20 mar 02

A brief note to add my 2 cents to this topic - my very first NCECA
conference was exactly 30 years ago...I was three and a half weeks old.
I can't remember too much of it, but it apparently left a big impression
on me...

I had my hands in clay before I was talking. Mom & Dad were always a big
hit at school when they'd come with their clay to let my classmates make
pots. Never took a "vacation" that didn't include at least half a dozen
stops at galleries along the way for Mom & Dad to drop off more pots.
Learned to count change, figure sales tax, and prepare bank deposits
before I went through puberty by helping the parents at art fairs. Tried
to get away from it in high school (went through a phase where I thought
long fingernails and clothes without clay were fashionable...what was I
thinking?!?). Went to college with the plan of being a lawyer or a
banker or something, but clay kept calling me home. Left college to join
the family business - a potter's toy shop (a.k.a. pottery supply
business) where I can always be close to clay. A few years ago we built
a new warehouse and one of the first priorities was including studio
space for our personal use. Can't escape now. My blood has too much clay
dust in it. :-)
Anne M. Bracker

Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.