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kiln wash recipe (ivor)

updated wed 20 mar 02


Brian Molanphy on tue 19 mar 02

ivor wrote in part:
'it [kiln wash]needs to be stripped from shelves periodically and =
replaced. If this is not done it will shrink, crack and eventually shed, =
causing problem blemishes.'

if one is running a vapor kiln with silicon carbide shelves, with little
risk of glaze runs, but with plenty of build-up from salt or soda, would it
be sensible to simply wad pots and not wash the shelves? that way the
shelves could be flipped each firing to help even out warping. whatever part
of the shelves are not washed has to be scraped anyway. why not scrape the
whole thing? this scraping, by the way, is done by hand with another piece
of silicon carbide, which may cause some stress. but i imagine that this
stress would be less that the stress caused by power-grinding off kiln wash
every few firings. plus i think the no-wash approach would amount to less
work, overall. what do the experts think ?