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nceca snippets #2

updated wed 20 mar 02


Joyce Lee on mon 18 mar 02

For two years I've only been on the fringe of the Slide Show in the =
Clayart room, missing most of the action. In KC I was privileged to be =
there from start to finish. Russel from Brussels does an absolutely =
incredible job! What an opportunity ..... clayarters brought slides of =
their own work to be projected for all to see (brave buds!) ... good =
slides, bad slides, old slides, new slides, self-shot, professionally =
shot .... to have their own questions answered, and critiques given by =
Ruth Butler, Editor (no less) of Ceramics Monthly.... Polly Beach of =
Clay Times, and others of similar expertise. I regret not having all =
their names but there was so much going on that I missed.... somebody =
will fill in, I know. Jean Lehman, Director of Strictly Functional =
Pottery offered a short and valuable list of Do's/Don'ts for entering =
slides to a juried show. Each statement was pure gold.

Each of these generous people had been just as involved... and more =
so..... as the rest of us dashing from one hotel to the other; meeting =
for working lunches and dinners; WORKING their booths ..., on their =
feet, smiling, promoting Clay, being hospitable, contributing to the =
overall atmosphere of camaraderie and fun. AND THEN they used those =
aching feet to get them to the Clayart Room to help clayarters =
understand the differences between creating slides for juried shows, for =
publications, and for one's own records or the entertainment of friends.

The room was even larger than the Charlotte room, with seats for all, =
which were welcome since we began at 9 p.m. and went for a couple of =
hours ..... most of us having begun the day early. I know mine started =
at around 5 a.m. and there were others milling about when I went for =

I cannot over-emphasize what a noble and unusual opportunity this was. =
Russel, you're a bleedin' genius for recognizing the need, AND then =
following through on its execution! I've read several articles on =
creating slides, which help, of course. But to have these folk, who are =
intimately and professionally involved with slides daily, telling us how =
present our work more effectively was a priceless experience. This was =
NOT a "panel discussion," which too often is diminished by the nature of =
its format.... well, I'm impressed.

In the Mojave who did understand that the Potters Council pins were for =
identification purposes at NCECA, just as are the NCECA badges. I =
recall my first NCECA at Vegas, before the Clayart Room existed .... =
though there was a Clayart breakfast that I felt too out of my element =
to attend; still get upset over that.... don't let that happen to =
you.... enter wherever you want and take the risk of being =
embarrassed... chances are you won't be..... but, even so, do it anyhow. =
At least, your regrets will be for Taking Action, not from remaining =
passive and hoping somebody else will recognize your need and meet it. =
........ Anyway, I recall that Vegas NCECA and how I'd listen to the =
talk going on around me in the restaurants, halls and elevators...... =
and wonder, "Is that somebody I know from Clayart?" I was thankful that =
I knew Mishy, Jack Troy, Robin Hopper and Roger Bourland from workshops =
I'd attended that first six months I'd been in pottery ..... and I DID =
see each of them, and it WAS a mini-reunion time. ID's would have been =