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claybuds and nceca

updated thu 21 mar 02


Liz Willoughby on wed 20 mar 02

My first NCECA as a clayarter was in Las Vegas. Since then the
friendships that I have made with clayarters has been truly
wonderful. It makes going to NCECA that much better. It is good to
have a place to go to to relax and chat with claybuds. Many many
thanks to Mel for organizing the room for all of us to enjoy. It was
wonderful to meet claybuds that I had not met before, especially
Melinda Collins who is a real treasure. Ron Roy and John Hesselberth
couldn't wipe the grin off their faces because of the huge success
(sales) at the book signings, and the support from clayarters for
their book really made me smile, especially during Paul Lewings talk
(Glaze Doctors), when he said that if you only buy two books, buy the
Hamer Dictionary, and Mastering Glazes, and clayarters piped in "what
book, who wrote that book ??", they, I know are very pleased with the
generous spirit of this list.

One of the highlights of NCECA was the closing address by Ken
Ferguson. I only wish that I could remember more of it, and I hope
that in the Journal that is sent out includes his lecture. Starting
off with slides of hands, and then the brain, and how hand and eye
coordination began, and from that making things from clay. Slides of
work that influenced him (Mongolian tripod pots), pots from
different dynasties, talking about Warren Mackenzie, who said that
work that he was influenced by was Oribe, I think that is right,
music by Django Rheinhart, and a video of Voulkos working not too
long ago. And then the toast. One of the most moving lectures that i
have ever been too, full of honesty, wanting to give as much as he
could, because he also knew that time was dear. Well, you could hear
a pin drop, people were hanging on to every word. I felt so honored
to be there, and I felt also a sense of pride that these people in
this audience have a connection and that connection is clay, and it
means something.

I have heard stories about Ken Ferguson. But it sure didn't matter
one bit at that lecture. Liz

Liz Willoughby
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