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i'm stunned/ who's who among america's teachers

updated thu 21 mar 02


MOLINA, RAFAEL on wed 20 mar 02

I received an interesting letter in the mail today. It states in part:

"I am proud to congratulate you on being selected for inclusion in the =
seventh edition of Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2002. I believe =
you will find this honor exceptionally gratifying since it comes from a =
successful former student who recommended you because "you made a =
difference in his or her life."

"There is no greater reward for teachers than to be valued by former =
students. Only high school and college students who have been cited for =
academic excellence themselves in Who's Who Among American High School =
Students and The National Deans List, respectively, are invited to =
nominate one teacher from their entire academic experience."

The former student who nominated me is Matt Dannelley. He studied with =
me for a year at a community college in a suburb of Dallas and then =
spent a year as the resident potter at Old City Park, a historical =
village in the city Dallas. He then transferred to Southwestern =
University, where he studied with Patrick Veerkamp and Mary Visser, to =
complete his BFA. Matt is graduating this summer and is currently =
contemplating offers to attend graduate school.

I'm very gratified by this honor. Establishing a special rapport with =
certain students is one of the rewards of this job. Those relationships =
and seeing them go on to greater successes is career affirming.


Rafael Enrique

Rafael Molina, MFA
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