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rafael's nceca experience

updated thu 21 mar 02


Kathy Steinsberger on wed 20 mar 02


I've been reading some of the NCECA posts with
interest and wanted you to know I loved reading your
description of this year's NCECA.

This is the first year I've missed since I learned of
NCECA 5 year's ago. Though that isn't many years
compared to so many Clayarters, it has become a part
of my life, and I was pretty sad when I missed it this
year. Usually, after leaving NCECA, I too always want
to write down my impressions and experiences, but the
words are often poor substitutes for the real
experience. The description of your time there sounds
just like what I would have done and seen if I had
been there!

For example, the amazing pottery I've seen at past
NCECAs often leaves me speechless and humbled. At my
first NCECA in Ft Worth, I saw for the first time pots
by Hamada, Bernard Leach, Ruth Duckworth, Peter
Volkous...and those amazing Texas potters.. All so
beautiful, it shook me up. My first NCECA mug was a
little grey one by Cynthia Bringle. I still have the
memory of amazing pieces from each NCECA following.
Columbus, Denver, Charlotte...

Sometimes it IS the potters I meet. Someone described
NCECA as a thousand 2-minute conversations. I agree.
For me, they are accompanied by a thousand-and-one
hugs and great memories of new friends and old friends
met at slides, discussions, demos, in halls, in bars,
at dinners, on tour buses... You described it

Discovering something new and wonderful is always a
big part of my NCECA experience and if I have any
agenda, it's to keep myself open to anything and

I promise I'll find a way to get to San Diego next

Again, thanks for letting me visit NCECA through your

From NC, now living in Pittsburgh

Kathy Steinsberger,
Freewheeling Pottery
5817 Holden St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
7909 Tulip Circle
Raleigh, NC 27606

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