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rocking platters....

updated thu 21 mar 02


Kimi on wed 20 mar 02

Try this: Once you have trimmed the platter, coat the rims with a thin =
layer of wax on both sides. This will slow the drying of the rim to =
about the same rate as the center of the platter. Lightly cover with a =
piece of plastic to allow for slow drying. (I give credit to Dan Tarro =
who taught me this trick). The wax will crack and peel off a bit as the =
platter shrinks during drying, the rest will be burned off in the =
bisque. Don't dry too slow though, I have found when I dry too slow, the =
centers tend to sink for me. I usually leave my platters uncovered in my =
basement studio, it takes leavening things out uncovered at least over =
night just to get them to the leather hard stage for trimming. Hope this =
helps! Kimi
Pottery by Kimi
Andover, MN 55304