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spinning platters

updated thu 21 mar 02


RPeckham@COOKSONELECTRONICS.COM on wed 20 mar 02

My shop had forced hot air. I struggled with drying issues for a long
time, winter, summer, spring, and fall, all different. Now I am building a
new studio, baseboard heat, yes!

Platters, and shallow bowls. I wire them off of the head, and direct a
hair dryer on the bottom, just until it is firm, not quite leather hard. I
then take it off the wheel, while still on the bat, and wire it again. As
soon as the rim is firm enough to flip it, I flip it. Most of the time I
use sponges to support the bottom. At this point I use Hank Murrow's
method of rolling a foot.

Large Items Like bathroom sinks gave me alot of grief. Differential drying
cracks at joints, all over, etc. Covering them with plastic never worked
well for me. Then I decided to experiment with wax resist emulsion. I
flipped a sink over, and painted the whole outside. Voila!! End of

I would think after the foot is done, with the platter upside down, you
could paint the outside of the rim. This would allow the bottom to set up
before the rim.

It seems to me that the wax is a good barrier when you fist put it on. As
the clay dries it becomes porous, and allows drying. It just slows it