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studio's packed

updated thu 21 mar 02


Leigh Lunt on wed 20 mar 02

Moving across the country in 4 weeks. Florida to Nevada. So I just packed my
studio, whew, what a chore. Washing clay off the ceiling, etc.
It's kinda sad to leave such a nice little studio, my front porch with
windows all around. Great place to meditate with the clay. Warm sun and
tropicals growing everywhere.
Moving to someplace completely different. The Anti-Florida.
I'll miss my Florida claybuds. Was born and raised in FL, never lived out
of the state. Can't wait for the change. Snowcapped mountains, rocks, hiking,
biking, freezing my tatahs off, firing at altitude and meeting new people. I
understand it's a wee bit dryer than FL. Imagine - no humidity!!!
(hehehe - husband is trying to paint the front door - if he'd just stop
touching the wet paint he'd be just fine. Right now he sounds like Mr. Magoo.
Actually, since he's lost his job (reason for move) he's turned out to be a
fabulous cook. Don't stop cooking, babe.)
Just a little rant/whine to make me feel better till I get my studio togeth
er in the new digs.

Leigh Lunt
Kokachin Pottery