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unexpected gift at nceca - bamboo pen

updated thu 21 mar 02


Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc. on wed 20 mar 02

On the first day of NCECA (Wednesday) I was in the commercial
exhibitor's hall in our booth space when a nice lady came up and asked
if I was the Anne Bracker who had posted on Clayart (a short time before
NCECA, I had posted some info on food and fun in Kansas City for
NCECA-goers). I responded that yes, I was indeed the same Anne Bracker
who posted on Clayart. She grinned and said, "Then I have a gift for
you." She reached into her bag and pulled out about a half dozen pens,
made out of bamboo. She explained that the post I had written was very
helpful to her and she appreciated it so much that she wanted to present
me with a pen she made out of bamboo that she, herself, grew. She held
out the pens and asked me to pick one that spoke to me. I was so touched
and overwhelmed because she had specifically sought me out to give me
the pen that I neglected to get her name. I just wanted to publicly
thank her again. It's a shame that I can't use the pen to write this
note. :-)

I also wanted to let her know that later in the conference, I tried to
pass on the generosity that she bestowed upon me. I was working on the
computer in our booth, ringing up sales for potters. I paused for a
quick drink of a Diet Coke between customers. A lady in front of me
asked me where I got the soda. I told her I had brought it with me. She
looked disappointed that I didn't have a source where she could buy a
soda, so I asked her if she wanted one from my personal stash. Her eyes
lit up and she exclaimed that she would love to buy one from me and
immediately pulled out a dollar. I grabbed a soda from my backpack and
handed it to her. She tried to give me the dollar and I refused it. She
tried to insist, but I told her the story of the unexpected gift of the
bamboo pen and how much it touched me. I told her it wouldn't be right
for me to take her money, and asked her instead to do something
unexpected for someone sometime in the future. A mere soda doesn't
compare to the beauty of the bamboo pen I received, but it was given in
the same way and is hopefully a tribute to the original thought of the gift.
Thanks again,
Anne M. Bracker

Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc.