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updated sat 23 mar 02


Marcia Selsor on fri 22 mar 02

I did my thesis research on Crystalline Glazes in 1971-1972. Best info I
found was in the hand written documents at Champaign, Ill. at the Dept.
of Ceramic engineering at Univ. of Ill.
These tests were done in 1903. Great information if anyone wants to do
some digging.
Sanders book I discovered later and Grand Feu Ceramics is great. Taxile
Doat and Adelaide Robineau worked together in St. Louis in the teens at
the Women's University. -provided training for young ladies
(suffragettes, I believe). These types of schools also includes Newcomb
Pottery which joined Tulane in New Orleans. Art Nouveau period had a lot
of crystalline glaze pieces.

Marcia in Montana

william schran wrote:
> Ivor - Those books were not written when Sanders published his
> "Glazes for Special Effects". The only other book I could find
> besides Sander's book at the time (1975/76) was Taxile Doat's "Grand
> Feu Ceramics" and that was a translation in Library of Congress. I
> had written to Herbert Sanders and he kindly provided me with
> references.
> Bill
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Marcia Selsor