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a lesson in inspiration

updated mon 25 mar 02


Wanda Holmes on sun 24 mar 02

Last week a friend of mine who has started designing furniture had an
opening at a local gallery along with several artists in several mediums. I
had to go, it would have have been a betrayal not to. I was tired, it was a
long way to drive and I had to make myself do it. There were some
photographs in the exhibit that blew me away. They've stayed with me and
today I altered a tile design that I had been working on for several weeks
and it is finally something I'm proud of. I know those photographs
unleashed some source of creativity for me.

Making something I'm proud of it a lot more rare than I'd like it to be, so
it's a cause for celebration. This experience has been a powerful reminder
to me that exposure to other work is as important as my own introspection
and experimentation. I hope this reminder gets me out of the house and off
to town more often. I hope it inspires some of you to go out and experience
art, too.