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broken camera and nceca

updated sat 23 mar 02


Steven Branfman on thu 21 mar 02

Friends (and Fabienne),

Now hold on a minute. Wait one second...............fewer pictures because I
was in the picture when the camera broke? Now........i've been accused of
many things (well, not that many) but breaking a camera with my face? MY
FACE???? I was only trying to improve the quality of the photo. So much for
my efforts!!!

NCECA was great as usual. As I announced before the camera broke, I would go
for the mug exchange alone. I got a beauty from Dale Neese. One of the
highlights was a comedic dinner at Smokin Joes Barbeque after we were turned
away from Fiorellos Jack Stack (two hour wait?? So they said) didn't we????
Lori, John, Joe, Russell, Carla, Fabienne (yes, we're still friends) Lowell,
Jared (my son), Edge, Tom, and a whole host of other characters. Telling
stories (some true, all funny) and just enjoying each others company. So many
more things to remember and report on. I'll hand it over to some

Can't wait until next year!!
Steven Branfman