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crystalline glaze book -- my favorite

updated sat 23 mar 02


June Perry on fri 22 mar 02

Dannon, I like the Peter Isley book. There's much more subtance, more photos
and more sharing of techniques and a wider range of recipes. There's also a
wonderful series of photos of the kiln interior, showing the span of the
crystal formation phase.The Creber book is OK, but it does have a lot of cone
11-12 recipes which may not work in some underfire powered, underinuslated
cone 10 electric kilns.
I don't have the books here in the house but if memory serves me, many of the
Creber recipes rely on frits not readily available to someone wanting to get
started in crystalline glazes, who is not prepared to order from Europe or
order a full bag.
If you are getting 2 books, then these two are the best, in my opinion.