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my nceca (sung to the tune of...)

updated mon 25 mar 02


becky schroeder on sat 23 mar 02

wow, took me a week to recover as others have said. this was my first
nceca. i will attempt to be brief.(fat chance) before i begin i must
apologize for my oafish mug exchange manners. i never figured out where to
donate a mug to the sale so just put 2 in the exchange not realizing i was
committing a faux pas. sorry guys, i was just ignorant, not greedy.

first off, and least important, i noticed right off that for the first time
in my life i was in a fancy hotel and wasn't the worst dressed person with
the shabbiest luggage.

next i realized i was no longer the oddball. i was just one of 3,000+
oddballs and i loved it.

red star gallery was a real highlight. i splurged and bought a stephen hill
vaaaze that i though i'd have to lie to my husband about but he loved it so
i got away with telling him it was his 24th wedding anniversary present.

loved raphael but wondered where the hell rush was. figured i might as well
change my mind about those 2 at once.

don't drive thru kansas with michelle lowe unless you want to be stopped and
searched for drugs. after 18 hours of driving and with aviator shades she
looks just like howard stern. she's a great roommate.

don't tell marcia selsor about any crushes you might have on young
Scandinavian men or she'll get you back in a most sinister fashion.

i may be 47 but i can still be standing when the bar closes.

even though david hendley is from east texas he's one snazzy dresser. (nice
wife too).

ron and john were just like every chemistry professor i ever had so i sure
as hell will take their excellent book seriously.

if paul lewing (sp?) ever looses his hands he has a second career coming as
a comedian. can't wait for his workshop in november in phoenix.

carla, russell, linda blossom, melinda collins, joyce and lori leary get the
awards for their impersonations of people who i've known and loved all my
life without ever having laid eyes on them before.

the clayart starter joe molinero (sp?) is every waitresses nightmare come to
life as is tom buck but each for very different reasons.

john waters is my kind of guy.

well of course i should be commenting on all the actual clay stuff and not
all the gossip but what the hell. my "expertise" is people and not clay,
altho i do tend to piss both of them off on a regular basis. usually at the
same time.

becky schroeder

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