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pronouncing nceca

updated sun 24 mar 02


Janet Kaiser on sat 23 mar 02

> en-SEE-kuh
> En-SEE-kah
> en see ka (accent on the second syllable)
> Enn See' Kah.

Thanks to all the claybuddies who put me straight... The above are
what I have to date. I am now trying to decide which accent is
correct? An English person "doing" and American accent, is even more
painful to hear, than an American trying to talk the Queen's
English... However, I did do a crash course in Brooklynese one time...
Dirdy durdy boirds, sitin on de cuirb a burpin an a choirpin...

Maybe I'll just stick to NECK-KAH after all? All the dyslexics among
us will understand what I mean... And "ain't she got a cute accent?"

Janet Kaiser
The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd
Home of The International Potters' Path
8 Marine Crescent : Criccieth : GB-Wales

Stephani Stephenson on sat 23 mar 02

HI Janet
you are not alone!
Before I actually heard several people pronounce it as en-SEE-kah,
I sort of mumbled out something closer to nn-keh-kah or neh-kuh-kah,
Even with a western USA accent!