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san francisco bay area clay

updated sat 23 mar 02


Fredrick Paget on thu 21 mar 02

There is clay all over Marin in the lower level flatter areas.

When contractors dig into it they may have to haul it off the site and
dump it. If it is good brick clay the brick works at the tip of Paradise
Point (San Rafael, California) will take it off their hands free, Otherwise
they have to pay to dump it at the landfill. Maybe you can get the amount
you need from the brick works and save the trouble of digging it and
finding a legal source.

The clay here in its subsoil form is red to orange or even yellow or white.
It all fires out brick red or orange.The surface clay looks like adobe.

Adobe is found in other parts of the state and I think it is old lake
bottom deposit. It has a lot of organic matter in it that makes it black.

Our San Francisco Bay bottom mud is hundreds of feet deep in places,is
black, is sticky, stinky, and soft almost quicksand like if you get out in
it. It makes a shiny brown glaze that crawls like crazy at cone 9. There
was a pursuit plane that crashed straight down into it during WW II that
was said to have gone down 40 feet. The mud closed over the plane and they
never did get it out.


>I am looking for local clay (adobe) deposits to dig...LEGALLY!
>Any help would be appreciated. Nothing like pulling the blue green
>stuff from the ground, a little refinement (not much) and making
>tiles and murals, Fires a beatiful rust-red..kinda like a brick
>huh?.....I need more clay...will pay
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From Fred Paget, Marin County, California, USA