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university studio hours

updated sun 24 mar 02


Joyce Lee on fri 22 mar 02

I'm a little surprised there aren't more problems when students work =
very late in an open studio. In a nearby town, one of the female =
teachers was given permission to work as late as she chose .... in an =
area of the campus that had been more or less closed after teaching =
hours ..... IF she kept the doors locked when she worked alone. She did =
as instructed, but when a guy she didn't know came knocking, she opened =
the door to see who he was.

Next morning she was found by maintenance, tied up after having been =
beaten and raped. Turned out that the guy had been loitering about the =
ceramics building for several days ... appeared "strange" ...... =
evidently was checking out the building and the movements of personnel =
..... nobody reported his presence until AFTER the=20
beating/rape ...... including the teacher, who had noticed him several =
times that same day ...... BE ALERT. BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. PAY =

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