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albany wash (was: re: rutile rutile rutile)

updated tue 26 mar 02


Andi Fasimpaur on mon 25 mar 02

At 01:00 PM 3/25/02 -0800, you wrote:
>PS- I also got about 10 lbs of Albany slip. I know it will make a brownish
>shiny glaze, but does anyone have another favorite use for it, perhaps as a
>wash combined with something?

I'm very fond of it as a wash on detailed surfaces (as you might do a RIO
wash) wiped off the high points... unlike RIO, the Albany doesn't "stain"
the clay where it's wiped off... I've been very happy with the high contrast
in stamped / textured areas on porcelain... I understand that a mix of
albany and cobalt will give you a beautiful black... haven't tried it yet,
still too entranced with the brown...