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fudge pottery, was-re: 5th nceca mug exchange list of names

updated tue 26 mar 02


Michelle Lowe on mon 25 mar 02

At 01:41 PM 3/25/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> Here is the list of the participants in the 5th Clayart Mug Exchange.

Hey, I have a question, who, may I ask, is Fudge Pottery? In the exchange,
I got a lovely oxblood red mug with a blue rutile glaze decoration (I think
it's rutile, I seem to have misplaced the tag identifying the glazes)...
great for my coffee in the morning....but the only thing identifying the
giver was the Fudge Pottery name and an email (which I also don't have, as
I said I have lost the tag!).

Hoping the giver will see this and identify him or herself!

Mishy Lowe, happy NCECA_ite

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