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albany wash /alberts

updated wed 27 mar 02


Mitsuru Cope on tue 26 mar 02

Dear Andi,
I've heard that Albany slip was a popular material in the past to produce
blue mixing with cobalt.

Alberta slip and cobalt produce black gloss in oxidation and metallic black
in reduction firing at cone 9.
> I'm very fond of it as a wash on detailed surfaces (as you might do a RIO
> wash) wiped off the high points... unlike RIO, the Albany doesn't "stain"
> the clay where it's wiped off... I've been very happy with the high contrast
> in stamped / textured areas on porcelain... I understand that a mix of
> Albany and cobalt will give you a beautiful black... haven't tried it yet,
> still too entranced with the brown...
> Toodles,
> Andi.