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mug exchange/embarrassment

updated thu 28 mar 02


Darla Heard on wed 27 mar 02

I'm so embarrassed.

Against my better judgment, I placed a mug in the mug
exchange in KC.

I really liked the shape, feel, and appearance of the
mug. It was a red and buff stoneware mug with a clear
glaze. I had made several that where similar, but
the one I placed in the exchange was the Best. When
I left KC on Friday night, it was still a wallflower.
I haven't heard from the recipient.

(Here comes the embarrassing part...)
Last night, I was using one of the other
buff/red/clear glazed mugs, from the same batch. I
poured hot, but not boiling water, into the mug with a
tea bag........It cracked, in a straight line, from
the lip all the way down to the base, completely
through! (hot tea, everywhere!)

So, I'd like to warn whomever was the unlucky
recipient of my mug. I'm afraid if hot water broke
one of the batch, it might break another! I'd like
to replace the mug.

If you were the recipient of my mug in the exchange,
please contact me so that I can send you a new mug!


Darla Heard

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