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nceca tidbits #4

updated fri 29 mar 02


Joyce Lee on thu 28 mar 02

As we hear after every NCECA but nevertheless is true, it's the people =
that make it all work. Most of the memories were derived from the =
Clayart room, of course, but there were other interesting folk out =
there .... potters and other clay addicts who are not on Clayart were =
sitting next to me or perhaps examining the great galleries or simply =
paused to look around&take it all in .... great balconies for observing =
at the Hyatt ..... we noted our NCECA badges and began talking. =
Minutes, even seconds, here and there created vignettes that stir memory =
occasionally still ... encountered a few on the planes going and =
coming... saw them reading CM or The Extruder Book etc...... instant =
rapport/shared interests. Not small talk, not really, but immediate, =
brief sharing of likes/dislikes, experiences, passions .... short time =
together, but welcoming smiles=20
and genuine sharing without having to first crack through a facade =
(theirs or mine), revealed some of who we were. Names? From what part =
of the world? How was the trip? Very little of that information was =
exchanged ... but a bit of the heart was revealed. Nice.

There was a medical conference in KC concurrent with NCECA, and I =
overheard some of the same sharing among their members....... but not =
like that of potters.
I'm so glad to be part of this community.

Even so, there are so many clayarters that I'd planned to meet and spend =
some real time with ..... yet only spoke with for brief minutes .... =
still I now have a face for the name ... next time I'll know. Even good =
e-mail buds ..... we passed momentarily in the halls ... thought there'd =
be time for more later... but, no.... after a quick smile, a hug, a so =
glad you're here, we both vanished into the crowds and that was it. Next =
time.. in San Diego...
I'm going to have to plan better. I've heard the same from many of you =
...... next time ...... we'll not depend on just being in the same =
vicinity by happenstance ..... next time......

In the Mojave where I'm taking the westie to have claws trimmed AND =
....... such a feisty one..... I'm getting soft in my Youth of Old =
Age....... have scratches up&down both arms..... drat.