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nceca tidbits #4 continued

updated fri 29 mar 02


Joyce Lee on thu 28 mar 02

I did get over to see the Kansas City
Miniature Pottery Museum (not sure of the exact name). A friend of a =
friend from the area transported me, so.... given my abysmal sense of =
direction and space....
I'm not sure where it was .... but it was
memorable. I think he may have arranged to have it open at an off-hour =
time. Anyway, it was a surprise arranged by a non-potter friend who =
knew I've been periodically throwing on the micro-wheel since last =
year's NCECA. Exciting.
Too much to take in during the hour I had to give it.... but gave me a =
glimmer into another world ..... another layer to my clay =

In the Mojave