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wanted: recipes for glazes that grow crystals other than willemite

updated sat 30 mar 02


Fara Shimbo on thu 28 mar 02

Hi, Everyone,

I'm trying to find recipes for glazes that grow other
types of crystals. I've gotten crystals of pyroxine
and rutile and lots of other strange and unidentifiable things...
thought it would be fun to try some others. I've heard
for example that there are glazes that grow molybdenum crystals
but never seen one. Can anyone point me to some some of these

Fara Shimbo, Certified Public Nuisance, Master Crystallier
Shimbo Pottery, Hygiene, Colorado, USA ++
"It's great to be known. It's even better to be known
as 'strange.'" -- Kaga Takeshi

william schran on thu 28 mar 02

Fa - Herbert Sanders in Glazes for Special Effects listed crystalline
glaze(s) using tungsten. Email me off the list and I'll get them if
you don't have the book.

Jocelyn McAuley on fri 29 mar 02

Hi Fa,

At NCECA I ran into a person who was exhibiting crystalline work in
Stephen Hill's studio. His name is Jesse Hull, and Fabienne has captured
images of his work on her NCECA section of her website, . His crystals are similar to
zinc-silicate, but struck me as resembling bunches of tadpole eggs: they
were very circular shaped, and would form definite straight-lined
boundaries when they touched,. I wasn't able to talk shop with him very
long, but he did say that they weren't zinc-silicate crystals but were
instead zirconium-silicate crystals. He also indictated that he did not
use frits in his recipe.

I too have enjoyed Herbert Sanders book. He also has recipes with
molybdenum (sp?) crystals- which form little triangular shapes if I recall
correctly. It's also been mentioned that molybdenum fumes quite a bit.

Good luck Fa

Jocelyn McAuley ><<'>
Eugene, Oregon

Les Crimp on fri 29 mar 02

Jocelyn -

We had Peter Illsley, from England, at our recent Canadian Clay Symposium.
He talked for 8 hours about crystalline glazes, showed examples of his work
and did some demos.

Look for some of his writinegs and I am sure he can answer all questions.

Les Crimp on that Island in the Pacific.