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more on anji's mug and being a pottermama

updated mon 1 apr 02


Nikki Simmons on sun 31 mar 02

I just had to write more about Anji's mug. My 3 year old and I banter about
who will get to use the mug next. I have to confess I am not much of a
coffee or tea drinker. HOWEVER, I really like the way this mug feels in my
hand. I like the handle, it works well with my fingers. I even like the lip,
I HAVEN'T DRIBBLED YET!!!! (My husband tells me often, "You must have a
hole in your lip." I also am enjoying the nice feel of the Ron and John
Slate Blue Glaze. And it is really nice to know that I am not going to
poison myself with this mug ;-)

So now I am kicking myself for not participating in previous years mug
exchanges. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Well, this goes back to a message I posted
earlier this afternoon. I finally am figuring out I am just too uptight. I
couldn't stand the thought of sending something that was not perfect. Back
to the my post about loading the kiln on Friday...when I was loading it, I
was trying to think loose....Something out of this kiln has to be sent to
Anji, I wonder which one it will be? I decided even if every pot sticks to
the shelf, I may just send her the whole shelf, pots and all. What a great
joke that can be between her and I--and she being a potter would "get it".

So today the kiln is firing and I am not in a state of apprehension but
anticipation. I even had a little renewal this morning. Husband took
daughter to town to look at swing sets. While they were gone I took the
opportunity to crank up the music and dance. I was almost in Nirvana when I
tripped on the couch. Then I went and glazed some pots. LOOSELY!

Nikki Simmons
Feeling pretty darn good in Central Missouri