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ot: just received my march ceramics monthly

updated tue 2 apr 02


PurpleLama@AOL.COM on mon 1 apr 02

I think there may be a problem with my mail delivery. Yesterday, March 30, I
received my March issue of Ceramics Monthly and the March/April issue of Clay
Times. It seems like it has been weeks since the tea pot on the CM cover was
discussed on ClayArt, so I assume everyone else in the US, at least, received
their copies ages ago. It's not that the magazines seem to be tampered with
or anything of the sort. They just don't arrive when they should. And when it
comes to Ceramics Technical, I'm lucky if I ever get the issues the first
time around. Is anyone else in the US having the same problem? Is it time to
complain to my Postmaster?


Redondo Beach, California (Los Angeles County)
enjoying the last night of a week long visit with one of my grandsons. The
visits are never long enough. Eric started out the visit saying that he is
thinking of going to college here in California. Now he thinks he'd like to
go to high school out here. He lives outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and
is in 5th grade. Seems like he has some grand plans!