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shiro tisjimura oil burner

updated wed 3 apr 02


Tony Ferguson on tue 2 apr 02

Speaking of burners,

Does anyone recall the CM issue that featured Shiro Tisjimura (spelling?)?
Last year or so. There was a pciture of his Anagama kiln with a what looked
like an encased fan at the fire hole. It was an oil burner of some sort.
Does anyone know what kind of burner that is, type of fuel, and where I can
get one?

Thank you!

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Subject: Oil burners

> Vince, An alternative for those rich kiln owners in Japan might be
> "Swirlermizer" burners made in England. They used to be sold by a company
> called "autocombustion" . The last I heard was that they had been taken
> over by another company. Lots of potters in the UK use the small versions
> but they do make enormous ones as well. They work very well. I am sure
> someone in the UK that is on the list will be able to supply up to date
> information. By the way Walter Hyleck not far from you in Berea Kentucky
> has a set of them. I have a set which I am hoping to use again in the
> future.
> cheers, John
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