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studio pets

updated wed 3 apr 02


Diane Woloshyn on tue 2 apr 02

Word from the veterinarian(my better half) on studio pets is:

Birds-never: too much of their whole body is involved in respiration.

Cats-their biggest problems are probably not silicosis but asthma. If your
cat exibits respiratory symptoms, keep them out of the studio.

Dogs-because they are heavier, they tend to stir up more dust and always have
their nose to the ground. They are more subject to bronchitis. Again, if
they have respiratory symptoms keep them out of the studio.

A lot of the above depends upon how dirty the studio gets. And, of course,
the very worst respiratory irritant of all is cigarette smoke. If you smoke
and your animal has respiratory symptoms, it is most likely the smoke not the

Diane Florida Bird Lady