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tony's new mug

updated tue 2 apr 02


Les Crimp on sun 31 mar 02

I don't think that is a tan Tony has..... must be a Southwest Ontario winter

Les Crimp on that Island in the Pacific.

David Hendley on sun 31 mar 02

While perusing the new Clay Times magazine, I was surprised
when I got to "Around the Firebox" to see a new, improved
Tony Clennell. Big toothy grin, nice tan, and what looks like
more hair.
Did Tony have a makeover for his 50th birthday?
Did he get hair implants? Vacation in the Caribbean?
Maybe those college students have got him feeling like
a 20-year-old again?

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas

Craig Martell on sun 31 mar 02

the guy with the red shirt axed:
>Did Tony have a makeover for his 50th birthday?

Yeah, I think his son the web guru did him over with photoshop! I'd have
someone do that for me if they didn't charge too much by the hour. It
would be an all day job.

later, Craig Martell in Oregon