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updated sat 3 jan 04


Valerie Hawkins on wed 3 apr 02

Well, I'm a strong believer in supporting public schools. I'll be the first
to admit that they have their problems. But, the educational opportunity
that public schools provide to all of society is necessary and invaluable.
My husband has always been bucking for private school for our kids. But I'm
dead against it. My daughter is 16 and doing very well in a public high
school. She's had a handful of negative experiences with teachers and
students. She's very frustrated at the hysteria surrounding 'weapons in the
school' issues. But on the other hand she has had some teriffic teachers
and they've been a wonderful influence on her. She hangs out with a super
group of kids. She's smart, confident, independent and has gotten a really
good education. I should add that she has had the advantage of being in a
magnet program.

I meet alot of people that are homeschooling. Most of my coworkers in my
previous job were private schooling. It's a decision that we all have too
make for ourselves, but I'm always dissapointed to see people shun public
school without giving it a chance.

Martin Howard on thu 4 apr 02

Remember that 'public' schools in the UK are private in the USA and visa

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Marty Morgan on fri 2 jan 04

Once on my soap box I can't get down.
There are some public schools working on the idea of "one child at a
time". The most exciting one I know about is the "Met" high school in the
inner city of Providence RI. Dennis Littky and Elliott Washor are
coprincipals in an interest-based school which has been so successful that
The Gates Foundation has given them several million dollars to help start
similar small schools in other parts of the country. The Providence system
is now offering an elementary school based on the same ideas.
Check it out at: A great article on that site is:
"Forty three valedictorians", a good view of the experiences of the first
graduating class. 100% of the class was accepted by colleges and 75% were
the first in their families to go to college. Great stories!
I'll put my box away now and disappear once more into my studio.