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burner question (water heater)

updated tue 9 apr 02


David Dahlquist on sun 7 apr 02

At my non clay job I'm a factory rep for a water heater manufacture. The =
only round burner assembles Ive seen are for residential type water =
heaters. Usually around 40,000 btu, but as high as 75,000 btu. =
Commercial type water heaters (100,000 btu and higher) use a series of =
burner tubes in lieu of the round burner. Additionally the btu's for a =
water heater are detirmined by the gas valve. The gas valve also serves =
as the thermostat. The gas valve controls the flow of fuel to the burner =
using a thermostat, thermocouple, and pilot. The gas valve has a temp. =
probe that is submerged into the water tank. I've always wondered if =
there would be a way to use the commercial gas water heater equipment to =
make a kiln. If I knew as much about kiln construction as I do water =
heaters I might be able to figuire it out. Maybe someday.
Wilsonville, OR.
I just obtained a circular burner from a gas water heater. It sits about =
an inch off the bottom of the kiln and has about a 26 in diameter. I'm =
told it puts out about 150-200 thousand BTU. Has anyone used such a =
burner? or could tell me if such a burner will work?

James in Annapolis