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hydro bats/ultra-cal

updated fri 12 apr 02


cHuCk on thu 11 apr 02

We make all our larger bats out of Hydro-cal guess
some of them are made of Ultra-cal...and they have lasted very very well.
Some of them are 15 years old and show very little wear. We do take care to
treat them well and keep metal tools to a minimum.

For us plaster is the only way to go. No cutting off with a wire and very
little clean up if thrown thin and even. The foot of the pot is smooooth and
firms up right along with the rest of the pot. On wide platters and bowls it
really helps cut down on the dreaded "S"- cracks.

Anyone that is trying to decide what kind of bat to use ought at least give
them a try.

For smaller pots we use true tempered masonite on a clay cookie. No wire
ether. Works GREAT...even when it is humid and drying conditions are not

Potter Wagoner (Not Porter)