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music and potters..bang the drum

updated fri 12 apr 02


Joseph Dallas on thu 11 apr 02

Hey Ken,
I play drums in my son's band. He's 17, plays lead guitar.
I played in a band when I was a teenager. What a blast!!
I won best of show in an art show a few years ago and used
the money to buy a new Tama kit. We play Hendrix,
Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, etc. He also has written a
number of blues songs.The band won a High School talent
Show last year. He's a cool kid. Now he has gotten
interested in working with me in clay. Man, I love my life!
It amazes me how many potters also play instruments, must be
a connection somehow.
Joe Dallas
Dallas Pottery & Architectural Ceramics

"Kenneth J. Nowicki" wrote:
> Hey... need a drummer? Haven't played in a band since the early
> but still have my Rogers 6 pc set that gets occasional use. This ol potter
> would love to get back into a band again one of these days, even if only
> occasional recreation... problem is... I'm on Long Island... long ways
> Texas...