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paint stripper (david hendly)

updated fri 12 apr 02


Tommy Humphries on thu 11 apr 02

If yours is anything like mine, then you can all but fire a pot with the
darn thing. I was using it to dry some test tiles once, and decided to
experiment a bit, so I coated one of the wet tiles in some borax. After a
fit of steaming the borax puffed up like popcorn, then started to melt.
Didn't melt completely, but it did enough to form a crusty shell on the test

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From: "David Hendley"

> After trying several different options, I also think that a paint
> stripper heat gun is the best tool for quick drying.
> You can easily get steam coming off a wet clay surface with
> one of these things.
> David Hendley
> Maydelle, Texas
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> From: "John Jensen" >
> > I have a Milwaukee heat gun