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16% rutile too much

updated mon 15 apr 02


Jeff Tsai on fri 12 apr 02

Lajos wrote:

"I've added 16% rutile to Ron Roy's clear ^10 glaze. I really
like it. But isn't that too much rutile?"

Lajos, if you like it what you've done, how can it be too much?

If, on the other hand, you're asking if 16% rutile is too much for a liner
glaze for food or liquids, or if you mean that 16% might be wasteful as 8%
could obtain the same effect, well, those are different questions.

I don't have answers


David Hendley on sat 13 apr 02

16% rutile in a glaze is very likely to give you problems with
I start having trouble with anything over 8%.

Other than that, if it works and you like it, go for it.
You might want to try a line blend, to see if less rutile will
give you the same effect.
Just mix up a batch of the base glaze with no rutile, then
try different mixtures, such as
90% of your 16% rutile glaze and 10% of the plain glaze
80% and 20%
70% and 30%

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas