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remodelling studio: 14 gauge wire...bad idea!

updated sun 14 apr 02


Craig Clark on sat 13 apr 02

Let me add my voice here. It is not a good idea to use 14 gauge wire for
your runs. You really don't save that much money and it is inadequate for a
wide range of applications outside small light fixtures and other low
current demand devices.
In many places 14 gauge romex is no longer even up to code. I don't know
whether or not this translates to the single wires used in conduit but I
would ere on the side of caution and safety.
Craig Dunn Clark
619 East 11 1/2 st
Houston, Texas 77008
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From: "Working Potter"
Sent: Saturday, April 13, 2002 7:15 AM
Subject: Re: remodelling studio

> I personally would not use 14 gage wire in any laid in wire as it is
> usually inadequate to carry any but the lamp or a couple lights but not a
> full size potter's wheel used regularly or much else where multiple
> recepticles or appliances must draw on it.Use 12 for common runs and
> numbers [morre capacity]matched all the way to the mached plus 10
> %breaker.Do not use a breaker too heavy or light for the line or it will
> preform its proper duty and will be a hazard.I have had to even make
> electricians followed this too[my father was a master electrician], My
> spouse is now taking a class in electric code before we hire another
> electrician to wire our workshops.Just because code allows things a
> way it may be in your best interest to go to a much higher level as code
> not adequately address specialized needs we have repeatedly realized.There
> are classes in the trades available in your locality if you are not
> that may be well worth taking for your own edification just to become well
> informed.He is also taking construction framing, even though he is a
> finefurniture person, to help build workshop structures.I was taking
> classes until my van was vandalized by joy riders, no it was locked.The
> skills you learn about, even if you do not practice them the safer you
> build your workspace.Knowledge is power. I only wish we had done more
> when we were younger as it would have averted a lot of troubles.
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Kathy Maves on sat 13 apr 02

Craig and all,
Good pointers. The whole house is now wired in twelve
gauge, and my current kiln (in current residence)
wired 6 gauge with a 50 amp breaker. Since my husband
works off and on as a carpenter, electrician, and
plumber, I cannot hope to rival his technical
expertise in this area. Still, I do make an effort to
understand. Too often, I realize exactly what I need
only after I need it.
Knowing codes is important. The building we purchased
passed no less than three rental inspections, but the
old wiring was a zoo of hidden junction boxes and
labyrinthine circuitry. So much for codes. You're
right not to trust them.
Thanks Again,

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