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brushes and cage

updated mon 22 apr 02


Ann Semple on sun 21 apr 02

the brushes look like a potter's dream. they look like they'd hold a ton of

The cage - well, I immediately thought of the witches cage in Hansel and
Gretel - I do hope it isn't human boy size.
Between the brushes made with hide intact and the rib bone cage.....
Karen, where do you live ? deep in the woods, in a cottage made of

Between the birds breaking their necks on my windows ( a California Quail
yesterday ) and the rats I remove from traps daily, I feel rather like the
witch from Hansel and Gretel . Too bad the rat hair isn't longer - then I'd
have a little hide and hair to make brushes from... if I could get past the
fact that rats carry disease.