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clayart room/mug exchange

updated wed 24 apr 02


Lee Burningham on tue 23 apr 02


Finally slowed down enough to post feeling and thoughts about the Clayart
room and the mug exchange. Saw the mug switch list and did not see my name
on there as a mug donor. Wondering who got my celadon cup. Yes, I have to
admit I made it out of there alive after receiving the Mayor's shino tea
bowl and accompanying death threats by others less fortunate in the
exchange. I feel like I must do penance for getting such a treasure.

The Clayart room is a joy and a treasure to be enjoyed multiple times over
the entire length of the annual conference. I made it a point to wander in
and out as the days went by just to see who was there, eavesdrop on various
conversations, renew friendships, rub shoulders with fellow potters, attach
familiar names to faces never seen before. It doesn't matter the time or the
day, someone is always there and always a feeling of welcome and belonging
to an extended family working towards the same ends.

I can hardly wait for next year! Don't make me hold my breath to find out
who took my celadon cup home. Already working on some racers for next year.

Lee Burningham

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I have nothing to compare this with, this having been my first NCECA, but I
felt the clayart room was extremely successful. If I attend NCECA again, it
will be for the clayart room. I had an absolutely wonderful time meeting all
the people I had only heard from in cyberspace. In my opinion, relationships
are the best part of NCECA. I would not attend for the curriculum that was
offered at this particular session, but attending is more, much more than
worth it for the relationships.
Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730
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