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drywall in the studio

updated thu 2 may 02


Lori Leary on wed 1 may 02

Dave wrote:

> The use of squares of drywall to dry tiles came up recently (using
> sandwiches of green tiles between drywall chunks).
> How do you keep pieces of gypsum, which have a way of flaking off cut
> drywall, from getting into your clay and doing the old plaster-in-clay
> damage? I'm not asking about the tiles themselves, but about general
> studio housekeeping tips when using drywall.

Just use duct tape around the edges of the board. Make sure the boards are
well sealed. Drywall is not only good for tiles, they are great for ware
boards. I also have some drywall boards that are a bit larger that I use
for workspace when hand building. When I need to clear table space, I just
cover the whole thing with plastic and put it on a shelf. (be sure to put
plastic under the clay though, the board will suck up any moisture) I keep
the tools, slip and clay pieces all together...saves time and effort when
getting back to work Drywall boards are also good for quick wedging, as
long as the clay is not too wet.

Duct tape, drywall board and concrete blocks are my most useful tools in the
studio.(besides my hands)

Hope this helps,