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electric kiln on wood floor

updated wed 17 apr 02


Kristin Schnelten on tue 16 apr 02

Well, you folks have sufficiently scared the bejeezers out of me.

First I will go home and pick up the plywood in my basement floor and make
sure there isn't a super-secret concrete slab beneath (my landlord told me
when I moved in that it was dirt beneath there, but you never know).

Although I had assummed all along that we were talking about a kiln on a
kiln stand with bricks beneath it, I am nervous. I don't want to move out of
this place in 2 years and find out that one year down the road the place
went up in flames from my carelessness.

I'm thinking that I might just be moving my car out of doors and using the
garage for firing, because of its concrete floor and high ceiling. Also, the
laundry room with its special wiring is adjacent to the garage, perhaps this
will cut down on supplies to wire the garage? I obvioulsy know nothing about
this -- I will be consulting an electrician on this one.

Venting: The garage is beneath two bedrooms; sounds like I will be investing
in the commercial hood so as to save the inhabitants of my home.

Wow, maybe my Uncle Sam check won't cover both kiln and wheel. I might be
purchasing and setting up the kiln . . . and twiddling my thumbs for a bit
before the wheel money comes in!

Thanks again, I'm sure I'll be checking in soon with more q's.

- Kristin

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