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need advise of setting outdoor tile mural

updated tue 30 apr 02


Paulette Carr on mon 29 apr 02


I need some advise on setting tile installations on the vertical exterior of
buildings. The installations will have a southern exposure in a classic
freeze/thaw climate. Since the buildings will be new construction, I can
specify the substrate. Can Duroc, or a cementboard underlayment be used on
the exterior of a building? If so, what kind a barrier should I use between
the backerboard and the studs as a waterproof layer? If this type of
arrangement is not in code, do I then use some membrane like Nobleseal or
Schluter-Ditra Underlayment on top of the backerboard as a waterproofing
layer. If wood is suggested, what type of an uncoupling layer should be
as a waterproofing layer to protect the wood? Do I need to be concerned
about cracking at the joints of the substrate/wood? From what Linda Blossom
said in her workshop, I know that the tiles will be set with a masonary
product ... thin set? What type of grout should be used? ... epoxy, sanded,

Thanks for your help!

Paulette Carr
St. Louis, MO