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ot - jewelry apprenticeship

updated tue 30 apr 02


Dannon Rhudy on mon 29 apr 02

There is a student here who would like a jewelry
apprenticeship for a year or perhaps two - she's
flexible. She does not know how to go about finding
any jeweler who TAKES apprentices, and I told her
I'd check with the list to see if anyone had suggestions.

She has significant experience in jewelry REPAIR, but
wants more experience in design and production. She
does know how to cast and fabricate, and so on. If
anyone has suggestions, send them directly to me, so
as not to clutter the list. I'll pass the information
on to her.

Thanks for any help.


Dannon Rhudy

Karen on mon 29 apr 02


I jsut sent a note to a close friend of mine who may have some leads
regarding this. Will let ya know what I find out.... She has worked with
(apprenticed???) with a well-known designer here in the Triangle area for
numerous years. Hopefully my friend or her mentor will have information
for this young lady...... I'll be back in touch....

(near Raleigh, NC...... having a tough time getting energized for anything,
wishing it really Would RAIN here...... long, slow, steady for several
days..... even I who am Not allergic am tired of the pollen..... dusty as
the desert here.... with silly winds....65mph all day & last nite)