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posting for england section please

updated wed 24 apr 02


Kats Wheeler on tue 23 apr 02

I would like to make the following posting in a relevant place on your
fantastic site please!

"I am an amateur potter, fed up with waiting for kiln time and decent
at evening classes and having embarked on a couple of residential week
courses in UK, I have set up a small workshop with a laser kiln and wheel.
am terrified to fire my kiln and am working from books and guess work. I
have found this site very helpful but wonder why there is not such a
site in the UK. Are there any real beginners out there in the UK that would
like to share their anxieties/tips for starting out. Is there anybody out

I would also like to recommend Deborah Bayne's fantasic throwing workshops
the beautiful Suffolk countryside here in UK, for any US visitors looking
good courses."