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studio assistant - massachusetts

updated wed 17 apr 02


Ralph Naylor on tue 16 apr 02

Friend of mine has an opening for a studio assitant, Merrimack Valley =
area (Haverhill/Newburyport). It's a small production studio that also =
has a half-dozen classes per week. Main duties are recycling/pugging =
clay and keeping the floors clean, 2-3 days/week. Pay (of course) is =
not grreat, but it's an entree into a great community for the right =
person. Need someone reliable (including transportation) who's going to =
stick around for a while. Operating the pug mill precludes high schoool =
students I'm afraid. If you or someone you know who's reasonably local =
(valley, southern NH, north shore) is interested don't clutter the =
group, reply to me directly at